Tips to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sell

This post was contributed by our Dress for Sale partner, Jo Woodward of Sienna Interiors & House Doctor.

Property is the most expensive asset we are ever likely to sell, so surely it is only logical to make it look its best?

According to statistics, 95% of potential buyers research properties online, a fact that has seen ‘kerb appeal’, assessed by the drive by, overtaken by ‘online appeal’ as buyers use the internet to take virtual room-by-room tours and ‘explore’ the local neighbourhood with street view websites. With choosy buyers making instant decisions based on Internet photographs, exceptional property presentation is more important than ever before.

The secret to successful home staging is getting the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property, as surprisingly, nine out of 10 people cannot visualise a room looking any different to how it’s presented to them. By de-personalising the space and showing the home to its best advantage, potential buyers can quickly see its best assets, without being distracted by the owners’ possessions or turned off by interiors that aren’t to their taste.

Top Tips to Stage Your Home:

• Thin out personal possessions to maximise the feeling of space

• Check furniture placement is optimal and furniture is correctly sized

• Make sure any maintenance jobs have been completed and the finish is up to scratch

• Ensure the property has a harmonious colour scheme

• Maximise light in the property with checking of window treatments, mirrors and lighting

• Ensure a high level of cleanliness

• Remove or reduce items that reflect the vendor’s personal taste and could turn off buyers

• Introduce aspirational accessories, if required, and complete the final styling

• Finally make the property feel alive by appealing to all the senses with plants, fragrances and lighting.

Ensure that every room has a clear function and purpose.

Play up the existence of a dining room by clearing away all the children’s homework and games



Clear the clutter – mess all too easily becomes familiar junk



Furnish empty rooms 

A parade of empty rooms often fails in capturing the interest of buyers both online and in person. Rooms without purpose, warmth or appeal challenge today’s buyers who typically cannot see past what they are presented with. Without furniture, rooms look small and buyers have a tough time envisioning both how their furniture will fit and how they will live in the property.



Images from Jo Woodward of Sienna Interiors & House Doctor

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