5 Ways to Refresh Your Home without Major Renovation

You know your home could do with some improvement work but don’t have the drive, time, or, importantly, budget to complete a major renovation project. Here are five simple ways you can make significant updates to your home without the upheaval, hassle and costs incurred with larger DIY projects.

Update kitchen appliances

Give tired, out of date kitchens an instant update by installing new appliances. Perhaps everything could do with replacing – from your oven to the fridge-freezer and kettle – which could be pricey but will instantly give your kitchen a new, co-ordinated feel for less overall cost than a larger scale renovation. Once your new shiny appliances are in, you might need to work on units and surfaces to match the new standard! Before you think about having to replace them too, giving a good deep clean can work wonders and if you’re still not happy, a coat of paint on cabinets can transform them into something completely different, fresh and new.

Upgrade flooring

Floors in the home have to withstand a lot of wear and tear – especially if you don’t enforce the no shoes rule in your house! A close inspection can show up stains, worn areas, warped hard or laminate flooring and general wear and tear that can really date a house, making it look scruffy and unclean. Though replacing flooring causes a bit of disruption and requires a bit of planning around, the effects can be dramatic to the overall look and feel of your home. Consider the needs of your family and which kind of floor covering will work best – perhaps avoiding lots of carpet in lieu of easier to clean hard or laminate floors if there are hairy pets and messy kids around!

Get painting

A quick paint job is a super easy and cheap way to change the appearance of your home, making it feel cleaner and newer to you. Spend a bit of time thinking of colour schemes and how you will tie the finished room together overall. Neutrals can give you more longevity, with the ability to add in different colour accents through accessories. If you feel like your entire home could use some work, a paint job throughout the home is a good place to start and could work wonders on living spaces, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Bathroom Boost

Following on from the kitchen, bathrooms are an important room to get right in any home and you may just need to face the thought of a larger renovation here if your bathroom is particularly outdated. Again, if you feel there is some life left in your bathroom suite, try a paint job and swapping in new storage and vanity closets, give tiles a re-grout or think about replacing taps or other fixtures to give an updated feel.

Garden landscaping

Boost that curb appeal with a bit of work in the garden, which could make a real improvement to your home’s exterior. Keep lawns tidy and fertilised, make repairs to existing decking or paving or thinking about incorporating some patio areas if you don’t already have this space. A combination of perennial and more seasonal flowers will help keep colour in your garden all year round too.

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