Do You Need to Replace Your Windows? Here’s What You Need to Know

With the weather set to turn as we head into autumn and winter you may want to ensure your home is weather proof. An important step towards this is making sure your windows are of good enough quality, keeping the elements out and the heat in.

Consider updating any single glazed or older double glazed windows and you will help to protect your property from damage, as well as noticing you’ll have a cosier home with reduced noise levels. Add to this a reduction in your energy bills and overall carbon footprint and you will soon see the initial investment pay off. When looking to replace windows, consider the following options.

Window frame styles

Choosing carefully between window styles is important as it could have a dramatic effect on both the exterior and interior of your property, even impacting on your property’s value.


Wood-framed windows can look great and act to add value to your home, though they can be pricey to install at between £350 and £1000 each window, depending on the size and design of your windows. They can also be more high-maintenance than other windows, needing repainted to help protect from damage, though can last up to 60 years if well looked after. Look for outlets that are recognised by the Wood Window Alliance to ensure the best quality. Top quality windows will have been treated with preservatives too to help from water damage and reduce the need for frequent maintenance, so are often worth the additional cost.


Usually PVC frames are the most affordable choice, with style and design becoming more sophisticated in recent years. Many companies even offer realistic-looking wood effect lines. What is worth remembering is that plastic frames can be difficult to repair and be more susceptible to weather damage than most realise, particularly when it comes to sun exposure. The lifespan of PVC frames can be around half the life-span of well-maintained wood or metal designs, so keep this in mind if you are updating windows in your ‘forever home’.


More suited to contemporary properties, aluminium gives a cool, industrial feel. In the past they could be prone to condensation due to how cold the frames could get but now thermal technology is often employed in their design to get around this issue. Aluminium frames can be as expensive as wood to install but are very durable and can come in a variety of styles and colours. The main drawback is that these types of frames only suit certain styles of property.

Glazing options

There are numerous options when it comes to glazing too. To comply with regulations, most properties will require double-glazing (exemptions being certain listed buildings or if you are in a conservation area). Window energy efficiency ratings range from A to C, and the combination of the frame and the type of glass gives you your rating. If energy-conscious and striving for the maximum A rating, look for glass treated with a thermal coating or look into triple glazing. If you are limited due to living in a period or listed building, secondary glazing is an affordable option, with DIY kits even available on the market. When shopping around, remember to offset the initial investment with what you will save in energy bills over time in order to help you decide.

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