Home Office Space Ideas

So you sometimes need to work from home but that is not always possible with so many domestic distractions. What are your options? Even if space might be a challenge, a home office can still be possible with our handy tips. And by the way, we have created a Pinterest board on home office solutions to keep you inspired – why not have a look?!

Choose the Right Space

In today’s space challenged urban spaces, only imagination is the limit. So take a walk through your home and figure out what the best space would be for your focus and what would work best for the flow of the home. Maybe under a window, so your work space is flooded with natural light, but maybe in a cupboard where you can shut the doors over the mess of papers when you feel like a break? Look online for inspiration and you will find the right solution for you.

Pick a Desk That Fits

Finding a desk that perfectly fits the space you have is essential for the functionality of the space. From a drop leaf table mounted on the wall, to a full executive mahogany desk, your choice of desk will most likely take the most of your work space and set the tone for the entire space, so choose wisely.

Add a Comfy Seat

Do not underestimate the importance of a cushy seat. Space is a concern but the more comfortable the seat the more you will be able to sit and work in it. A fabulous design that works with the space is great, but do test it out. Does it support your back? Or will you get sore and tired quickly?


An element that can add character and functionality, light solutions for working spaces are countless. And believe us, you will want a well-lit desk to keep you from getting distracted and sleepy.

Keep It Tidy

Unless you are a person who thrives in an artistic mess that is! Find the right solutions for your space: cable tidies, shelves and storage boxes all add on to a well-organized space where everything has a place and is easy to find when needed. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Add Personality

Last but not least, if this is going to be your space, you will want to enjoy raising your eyes from the light of your computer and look at something you enjoy. Whether it is art, family photos, your past – or future travels, take care to feed your esthetic taste and keep yourself inspired and motivated while working.

We hope you use our tips to create the perfect home office and make the best of your space. But if you feel your current home is not enough for your current needs, why not speak to our friendly sales team?

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