How to Let Your Property Faster

As a landlord you want to attract the right tenant and minimise any void periods. When potential tenants view your property, they are often very honest about what they do and don’t want. Take a look at our latest blog to find out what we believe are the best ways to increase the appeal of your property.

Keep it clean

Clean your property inside and out, thoroughly. First impressions really do count and one of things that most turns off tenants is a property that hasn’t been cleaned properly. Invest in a professional cleaning company to ensure your property is sparkling clean.


Potential tenants will test the lights work so make sure they are all in working order and replace bulbs for strong bright lights so that the property looks bright and well lit. Also make sure your windows are clean and if furnished, the layout maximises the space and light available. Finally, ensure all curtains are held back with ties and avoid any net curtains unless the property is overlooked as natural light is the best way to show off a property.

Access to outside

If your property has outside space, make sure the keys are in the door so that the outside seems easily accessible. Potential tenants will want to look outside the property as well as inside.


Make sure your property is well aired and smells nice. Use air fresheners and diffusers to ensure your property smells fresh and clean.

If your property is available for let in the winter, make sure it’s warm and dry for viewings.

Kerb appeal

Once you have the inside of your property to a good standard for renting, it’s time to turn your attention to the outside. Try to make the exterior look as inviting as possible by tending to the garden, creating a nice, usable outdoor area and keeping it neat and tidy for viewings.

Deal with maintenance issues

Unfinished maintenance work is very off-putting to potential tenants. Make sure the property is free from leaks, wobbly door handles, mould in the bathroom, windows that won’t open property etc. It’s also important to be clear on who is responsible for repairs and find reliable tradesmen that you can call on in an emergency.

Refresh the décor

Painting your property in white or neutral tones is a relatively cheap and easy way to make your property appear clean and well maintained. If you are renting your property furnished, make sure the furniture is in good order and appealing to potential tenants. Scruffy, dirty and old looking furniture can be very off-putting and reduce the amount of rent that can be achieved.

Let your agent do the viewings

Take advantage of the viewing service as agents are able to conduct short notice viewings on your behalf and can gage what tenants are specifically looking for and point out the relevant features of your property. It also allows potential tenants the opportunity to ask questions that they perhaps wouldn’t ask the owner.

Allow a ‘to let’ board

This is supplied by the agent and it allows you to take advantage of people in the area who are perhaps considering moving. Even though most people search online, you’ll be surprised how much interest an old fashioned ‘for sale board’ can drum up.

Advertising with tenants in-situ

Finally, if you currently have tenants in the property, make sure you give them at least 24 hours’ notice of a viewing and if possible, try and arrange it at a time when the current tenant is not present. Keep your tenants happy and build a good relationship with them so that issues like this don’t cause problems for you and your agent.

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