Making the Most of a Courtyard Garden

Many properties in the West End of Glasgow and City Centre have a courtyard garden and although you may feel your options are limited, there is so much you can do to make your courtyard garden look beautiful whilst being functional. Here are some ideas to get you started if you want to transform a smaller outside area:

courtyard garden

Maximise the light

If your courtyard is sunken it can look dark, so by painting the area you can brighten it up. In addition, pale paving can really lighten the area and can work as a blank canvas against plants, plant pots and furniture. Choose compact, stylish furniture and consider built in seating to help maximise the space. Pinterest is a great place to get some furniture ideas.


Try some umbrella style plants to give it some interest and create a natural canopy roof, making it feel like another room and provide a secluded area to dine and relax. You can even create a roof over one particular area, for example over a dining table – and this can be done either by intertwining branches or installing beams overhead along which plants can grow.


By creating built in benches and seating, you can free up the central area and make it feel much bigger. You could even create storage areas under the seats and create tiered planters behind your seats to add some height and interest to the perimeter.

To extend the amount of time you can use the garden, consider investing in a patio heater so you can enjoy your courtyard even when the sun has gone down. You could even add a firepit to create a central feature.

Climbing plants

If you want to create some beautiful greenery in your courtyard that will stand the test of time, invest in some climbing plants or trees growing up a trellis – or you could even create a living wall.

Play areas

Even in small compact gardens, you can create play areas for children. Consider a long sandpit or built in water table, or you could even incorporate a sand pit into decking with a cover for when it’s not in use.Adding some interest

Courtyards don’t have to be made up of straight lines. How about adding some curved paving to create a focal point and use rounded planting to complement the theme.

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