Scottish Buyers Pay a £22,208 Premium for Outside Space

According to a recent report from property portal Zoopla, buyers in Scotland are willing to pay an average of £22,208 for a property with outside space, and 80% of people surveyed said that they wouldn’t consider buying a property that didn’t have any outdoor space at all.

After surveying over 1,700 homeowners Zoopla also found that over half of those surveyed would dismiss a property as a potential home for having a garden that hasn’t been well kept.

With the incredible weather we’ve been having recently, this will have further reinforced the importance of having decent outside space for tenants and homeowners to relax in, have a barbeque, sunbathe and enjoy some fresh air.

The survey also found that homeowners spend around £41 a month on their garden, whereas those renting their homes spend just £18 a month on maintaining their outdoor spaces.

One of the most surprising findings was that of the thousands of people surveyed, Zoopla found that over 90% of those surveyed said that a garden was one of the most important factors when buying a home, rather than just a desirable feature.

Although the figure of £22,208 in Scotland is high, those in the South East of England would spend an extra £31,768 for outside space. Home buyers in Wales are the least willing to pay a high premium for outdoor space, at an extra £22,036.

According to the findings, a homeowner will spend approximately 21 hours a month in their garden, although for those renting, this falls to just 12 hours a month. However, the survey highlights the importance of maintaining the outside space and presenting it as an important selling point for renters and buyers.

Landlords and sellers alike need to make sure their gardens are well maintained, with the lawn mowed and any garden waste cleared up and taken away. Whilst some tenants and buyers are happy to take on a serious gardening project, most people are looking to minimize costs and effort and want a simple, easy-to-maintain space.

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