Tips on Saving on Your Energy Bill

‘Tis the season when we start to feel a chill in the air and in our homes. Having enjoyed the summer with windows open and central heating off (not always the case in Scotland!) the sudden change in the weather can bring a nasty hike in your energy bills. We have created this list of a few practical tips to help manage consumption and save money on energy bills whilst keeping you comfy and cosy too.

Insulation, double glazing & draft proofing

Some larger, costlier jobs but ones worth doing and that will pay off for years to come, making your home more energy efficient overall. Consider when your home’s insulation was last updated and if this could be renewed helping to keep heat in – you will be surprised by the difference! Double or triple glazing is much more effective than single glazing for keeping drafts and weather out – a larger investment that will see you make savings long term. Check your property’s Energy Performance Certificate for recommendations if you have one and look up whether you may be eligible for any grants that might help make your home more efficient. Draft-proofing strips around windows and doors and things like chimney draft excluders are simple, very affordable ways to keep the weather outside from getting in.

Replace old boilers

Boilers that aren’t working to capacity will cost you more the longer you keep them running. Another larger expense but money well spent is buying a replacement that will be more energy efficient and save you a pretty penny too. There’s also less chance of a new boiler going on the blink on a frosty morning when you need it the most. Aim for an A rated condensing boiler with a programmer and smart room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls.

Use an energy monitor

When you can see exactly how much you spend on energy day to day, you become more mindful about how much you use. Installing an energy monitor can make you more educated about your household energy use and help you figure out where to switch off or turn down and save money over time.

Appliances – think energy efficient & turn off at the plug

We don’t suggest you chuck out perfectly good, working appliances but when it comes time to replacing items, go for the best in energy performance as possible. Look for an A+ rating and above if you can and make sure to shop around, comparing different models and efficiency ratings. When they aren’t in use, leaving electrical appliances on standby can add unnecessary pounds onto your energy bills – get into the habit of turning them off at the plug and you will see a chunky annual saving. An energy efficient shower head and shower timer can also see you saving lots (though those who like long, hot showers might not be so impressed!)

Rethink lighting

Simply replacing light bulbs throughout your home with energy efficient ones can see you saving lots. The most energy efficient type of bulbs are LED lights, which also last much longer than traditional bulbs and pay for themselves in savings in a few months. Embrace the Danish ‘Hygge’ lifestyle and use candle light where possible too, giving a relaxing atmosphere and saving on electric lighting altogether!

Switch energy supplier

Last but no means least, consider switching energy supplier to get yourself a better rate. Consider this especially if you haven’t switched within the last three years – there are various comparison websites that can help you find the best deals out there. If you are happy with your supplier, make sure you are on the cheapest tariff. For example, paying by direct debit and choosing an online tariff managed on the internet will give you the best rates. Go for dual fuel tariffs with the same supplier or, if you don’t mind having different suppliers, you can save even more by seeking out the cheapest in electric and gas tariffs separately.

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