Top Tips for Selling Your House Quickly

Selling your home without any urgency can seem daunting enough, but what if you have to sell quickly? Fret not, there are a number of simple and cost-effective ways to attract the right viewers, make your property more appealing to these potential buyers and, thus, enable you to expedite the sale without sacrificing profit and your sanity! With the correct help, advice and preparation, you’ll find yourself in a good position to sell your house quickly without any unnecessary stress. Here are our top tips.

Target marketing

Identifying and considering your target market is crucial for an effective, valuable sale, even when you don’t need to move in a hurry. Think about the types of people who are most likely to buy your property – first-time buyers, a professional individual or couple, a small family, a large family, buy-to-let investors?

Once you have identified your main type of buyer, think about the space and tailor your property to accommodate and appeal to this group, whilst also ensuring it remains an attractive option for other types of buyers.

For example, a one bedroom flat with a box room or second bedroom/home office would be ideal for young professionals or a couple with a small child – the box room or second bedroom would be best set up as a spare bedroom prior to viewing, with a designated work station set up somewhere else in the property.

First impressions

Dressing your home in preparation for sale is key. First impressions are so important, so you really want to ‘wow’ your viewers from the moment they approach your property. For this reason, it’s vital that you take a look at your home from the street to ensure it has curb appeal. This includes the garden, and features like windows and doors, fences and paving, driveways and garages, and pavement areas outside the property. If you have traditional sash and case windows, for example, replacing the mastic and giving the wooden frames a light sanding and fresh coat of paint works absolute wonders – your windows will look like new for a fraction of the cost and they’ll really ‘smile’ at viewers when they walk up to your home for the first time.

Spread the word

In addition to effective and targeted marketing by your estate agent, and a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your property, get the word out to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues that you’re selling your home. Word of mouth is so incredibly effective, yet its power is always underestimated. You might just grab the attention of someone who wasn’t even thinking about moving, or was holding off until a later date.

Declutter and disassociate

Moving house is the best excuse to be ruthless and get rid of the excess stuff we all somehow manage to accumulate. The more you chuck out (or recycle/donate/sell), the cheaper your removal costs will be. What’s more, decluttering will allow you to really maximise space and identity areas in need of improvement ahead of viewings.

If you have a lot of bulky furniture or extra pieces that you’ve purchased for a bigger property, consider putting some of it in storage. This will enable viewers to gain a better appreciation of the space and envisage what your home would look like with their furniture and belongings. It can be really difficult for people to visualise themselves living in another property, especially when it’s filled with someone else’s belonging, so its important to make it as easy as possible for them.

Disassociating yourself from the property is also important. Not to the extent that it’s ‘cold’, un-homely and devoid of everything personal, but it’s a good idea to minimise your presence. Again, this is to allow viewers to imagine it as their home. However, you still want to keep some personal and decorative items to create a sense of ‘home’.

Freshen up the decor

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint on the walls and woodwork. It’s amazing what a difference this makes, even when your walls still look relatively fresh. Stick to light, neutral colours to enhance space and also appeal to the largest number of viewers – a neutral palette will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine the way in which they could use the space and adapt it to their own needs. It’s also less likely to clash with their furniture, so they won’t have to worry about painting the walls as soon as they move in.

Repair and upgrades

Unless you’re selling a new build that has never been lived in, you’ll probably have a few minor repairs to take care of before putting your home on the market. Consider replacing old grouting, get new taps and door handles to add those finishing touches, sand and revarnish/stain/wax floorboards, buy fresh towels and a new shower curtain or screen… all these little things are relatively inexpensive but can really transform the look of your home.

Whilst major renovations and upgrades do add value, it’s not always the best idea just before moving because you’re unlikely to get a full return on investment. However, it depends on the property, so it’s best to speak to your estate agent for a professional opinion before making a decision one way or the other.

If your kitchen is outdated and in need of an upgrade, for example, you could simply replace the worktops, cupboard doors, handles, and the sink and taps, without actually having to do a complete remodel with new unit bases (most contractors and handymen can get all these items for you at trade). By doing so, you could vastly improve the property’s appeal, value and speed of sale – and perhaps even make a full return on investment. New white goods can also help you sell quicker.

Choosing the right estate agent

Finally, finding the right estate agent is essential for a quick sale. They can provide expert advice and tips on how best to prepare, market and show your home. An ineffective agent who fails to correctly identify and target the correct audience and utilise the most appropriate marketing techniques can have disastrous consequences. It’s best to get at least three separate valuations before making a decision.

An established, reputable agent will have in-depth knowledge of the current market, trends and local area. This knowledge and expertise is crucial. Look at their customer reviews and sales statistics to gain an understanding of their reputation, ability and track record. Furthermore, good agents will have a database of potential buyers on their books, they will have extended hours for evening and weekend viewings, and they will provide tailored marketing techniques and advertise of a wide range of portals and social media.

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