Transform Your Home Into an Urban Oasis

An ‘urban oasis’ – doesn’t that sound nice? It also sounds expensive and like a lot of hard work, but it’s not! Essentially, the goal is simply to transform the interior of your home into an inviting and comfortable space that you want to be in. This is something we all strive for, whether or not we realise it. We spend a great deal of time indoors, and our home interiors have a huge impact on our moods and general wellbeing. It makes sense, then, to spend a little time and effort making our homes happy, healthy places where we enjoy being. So, here are 3 simple ways to make your home an urban oasis….

Colour application

Colour is so important and it can really affect the way we feel and react. Soft neutral colours on the walls will bring calmness into your home, make small spaces look larger and open up a room; bold, rich colours can create coziness and warmth in a big room and bedrooms; bright colours can add light, create visual interest in a small or dull space, and create feelings of cheerfulness… It’s important to consider the psychological effects of the colours you choose for your home and apply them in a way that works best for you and your interior space.

You can also transform and enhance the interior of your home with soft furnishing and accessories – adding pops of colour to rooms with neutral walls. Choose colours and patterns that work well with the overall decor – some colours work really well together and compliment one another whilst others simply clash and can create a stressful environment. Soft furnishings like cushion, rugs, and blankets also create feelings of comfort and security – a safe haven where you can escape the hectic world outside and relax in peace and quiet.


Like colour, light can affect your mood. Natural light is, of course, best for our health. Open up your window spaces to let in optimal light during the day time. In darker rooms and spaces, add mirrors to amplify the natural light. When you need to use artificial lighting, avoid glaring overhead lights – they’re harsh and not conducive to feelings of calmness. It’s better to use dimmer switches, table lamps, floor lights, fairy lights, and candles and lanterns for softer illumination. You can choose how bright you want each room to be at different times of day or night, altering the atmosphere and creating a serene environment that is relaxing and comforting. You can also easily move occasional lamps if you decide to change the placement of your furniture.

Indoor plants

Even if you live in the middle of a busy city like Glasgow, you can still make your house, apartment, or tenement flat feel like it’s in the middle of the countryside. You just need to bring lots of plants and flowers inside! Big plants sitting on the floor by your bay window; trailing plants cascading down shelves; macrame planters hanging from windows and ceilings; rows of succulents and cacti; potted plants at the front door and on windowsills; a trio of plants of varying heights sitting on the sideboard; vases of fresh flowers on the dining room table; a large orchid or flowering centrepiece on the coffee table… when it comes to greenery and flora, more is more. Not only do plants and flowers make us happier, they are incredibly beneficial to our health, reducing stress and improving general wellbeing!

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