What Could Turn Potential Tenants Off Your Property?

When choosing a property to rent, most tenants will first consider the cost and location before looking at the local amenities, access to outdoor space, whether they are allowed to keep pets and if there’s anywhere to park their car among other things.

However, what about the things that they don’t want, and that will put them off renting the property at all?


In over 8 years of lettings experience at Vanilla Square, we have found that one of the most off-putting factors that can deter prospective tenants from renting your property is a property in need of a good clean. This is an easy fix, and by making sure your property is spotlessly clean and free from damp and unsavoury odours, you’ll be amazed at the difference this will make to prospective tenants.

Outside space

Another turn off is an overgrown garden, after all here in Glasgow we like to make the most of any good weather that comes our way. A tenant doesn’t want to feel that there’s nowhere to enjoy the great weather, or that they will have to spend time and money tidying up the outside space in order to spend time outside.


Although it’s no surprise that a property in need of a good clean and outside tidy up are off-putting, one thing that tenants are keen on is a tasteful, neutral décor. In fact, you should never underestimate the effect that the décor has on prospective tenants.

Aesthetics and decoration of a property seem to have gained importance as one of the deciding factors in whether or not to rent a property. An old-fashioned kitchen or bathroom can be a deal-breaker, and even a property in the right area and at the right price can be rejected because of a garish or outdated décor.

The great news for landlords is these issues can be prevented in the first place or easily rectified once they have occurred. Fixing them doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or involve too much time and effort. Sometimes simple tricks and upgrades such as a lick of paint and updating flooring, blinds and curtains can do wonders for your property, attracting even more prospective tenants

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