When is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

If you are considering selling and making a move up (or down) the property ladder but have no time pressures, it is a good idea to anticipate the best moment to put your home up for sale. There are a few aspects you could potentially consider if selling without time constraints.

The local market

Glasgow has seen some of the biggest property price increases across the UK recently, with the West End registering unprecedented demand and competition amongst buyers. So if you are thinking of selling in the area, talk to the Vanilla Square team. We will be able to show you recent sales in the area, inform you of current prices and micro pockets of increased demand so you can make the most informed decision when moving forward.


There is a traditional approach to the property market, in which spring and autumn are the most dynamic seasons. That being said, if you have no time constraints, ask our expert team for advice – as buyer habits are changing with the always-on internet economy. For instance property portals register spikes in traffic from potential buyers even during the winter holidays and early in January. All the hopeful buyers who have committed to a new year’s resolution to make a step on the property ladder will start looking at their options early, so the traditional spring and autumn seasons might be changing and it’s best to carefully weigh all aspects of your individual circumstances.

Interest rates

A low interest rate from the Bank of England as well as more relaxed conditions from lenders usually means the property market will be buoyant. In our economy where demand far outstrips property supply, affordable financing offers a great boost. We have currently seen fantastic mortgage approval rates – Graeme Nichols, Mortgage Specialist at McCrea Financial Services is currently converting around 95% of mortgage applications meaning that most people currently applying for mortgages are being approved.

Also, for the very first time in many years, the number of first time buyers purchasing a home surpassed the number of second and third steppers – we believe this is also due to the more affordable financing option currently available.

Because of the current market conditions, with competition amongst wishful buyers, it is most advisable you are in a position to move quickly; by putting your home on the market first and getting the best price for it without the constraints of a property chain, you will have the best chances to achieve a good price on your home. We have helped countless home owners take a step on the property ladder (here is a recent example), so if you would like to talk to one of our partners for impartial advice, call us on 0141 229 0210.

Vanilla Square – highly personal sales and lettings! Whether selling or letting property, you will always be liaising with one of our business partners, which makes our service that much more responsible and approachable. When you instruct us, your property will reach a wider audience as we are one of the few agents who are present on all the major property portals to offer sellers and landlords maximum exposure. If you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or lease your property, or you’re simply considering the idea, contact us by calling 0141 229 0210 or pop into our new office at 711 Great Western Road. One of our partners will be delighted to help and provide you with impartial, expert advice.