What Wasteful Habits Are You Guilty Of?

A new study by Sell My Mobile has found that in the UK we bin 15% of our weekly food shop and this rises to 25% in some areas. That’s a lot of money that householders are throwing away needlessly.

Over 3,000 people were questioned on what wasteful behaviour they were guilty of, and the worst was the habit of buying food that ends up getting thrown away.

Are you throwing away £500 per year?

The average weekly food shop in the UK is £64.76 and by throwing away 15% of our weekly shop adds up to £500 per year. That’s a weekend away, a night on the town in a great hotel, a new item of furniture for your home or even a new fridge!

Throwing away food wasn’t the only kitchen-based crime committed…40% of people also admitted to using the dishwasher for just a couple items, 41% said that they would let food go off because they didn’t want to eat it, 54% of people threw away items into the dustbin that could be recycled, and 45% would buy bags for life but not take them shopping – instead spending money on single carrier bags.

There were even more energy-bill crimes committed in the bathroom….over half of those surveyed would use the bathroom for longer than they needed to and 38% left the water running whilst brushing their teeth.

Ditching the wine!

There were regional variations, with Londoners being the biggest offenders when it comes to alcohol….a whopping 89% would open a full size bottle of sparkling wine and drink just one glass.

Making a difference

We often don’t think that our individual actions won’t make much difference to the environment or our overall household bills, but the reality is that huge environmental success that forced the charge for single use carrier bags shows that we all have the power to make a difference.

Cash in the attic

The survey also found that 41% of us had gadgets lying around in our homes worth £141 when sold on second hand sites, so not only could you boost your budget you could also free up drawer space and declutter.

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