Dress for Sale

Selling a property is one of the most talked about things in the UK and sparks interest in everyone. For this reason it is no wonder our TV screens are filled with programmes from‘Grand Designs’, ‘Location Location Location’ and ‘Million Pound Properties’, to ‘Phil Spenser: Secret Agent’. The latter is inspired by properties that are in need of improvement to maximise their return and are possibly struggling to sell on the open market. Transforming the look and feel of a property, along with its marketing can spark considerable interest which will ultimately boost the final sale price. At Vanilla Square we decided to test this theory to maximise some of our clients’ sales, using the skills of a House Doctor from Sienna Interiors to improve several properties; the results were spectacular. Clients appear to be stretching their budgets when a property is presented in show home condition. You don’t always need to spend a fortune, and it can often be some clever staging tips with your own furniture and possibly some fresh paintwork. Some of the examples below show the difference it can make to a sale and we would happily guide you through the process if this strategy was of interest

Wilton Drive, North Kelvinside

This main door garden flat had huge potential but was in a very poor state of repair and extremely untidy. Several agents were at the property and were suggesting anything over £200,000 would be a result. Once again we worked closely with Sienna Interiors to clear all of the clutter, re-use a lot of the furniture but also add some extra items for staging, improve the lighting and some fresh, modern paintwork throughout. Another transformation on a relatively low budget that saw the valuation increase by almost £100,000! The property was only on the market for one week when an exceptional offer of almost 10% more than the Home Report valuation was received- a figure that was 20% above the highest valuation given by all other agents.